The Japanese art of swordsmanship

What is Iaido?

Iaido is the art of handling the sword and to be precise, is the art of reacting to stylized attacks realized in the real fighting situations called Katas.

Both body and mind are equally trained to function in accordance with each other.

Through Iaido one learns to use the sword in a focused and confident manner. But this is not sufficient by itself, because this way one will be limited to the sword fighting technique Iaijutsu. While in Iaido, the concept is not to defeat others with a sword, but to dominate oneís ego. The personís selfishness should be met and defeated in the swordfight.

Our Iaido style is taught in the tradition of Muso Shinden Ryu and in accordance with the regulations of ZNKR (Zen Kendo Renmei).


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